Kickin’ It Old School

August 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

Last night I pulled out the old college PC to transfer old photos and music to my Mac and quickly found myself down a rabbit hole of A-Team memories. First of all, the photos chronicling my four years at Boston University are both hilarious and mortifying. Lawd, help me if some of them ever find the light of day again.  Bad outfits, Bad hair, Bad decisions, just all around BAD. Then again, that’s why your parents ship you off to college, right? Or is it for an education? I forget.

Fortunately, my BU soundtrack was filled with some spectacular jams.  Junior year my roommates, fellow A-team members, and I lived in a brownstone on Bay State Road along the Charles River. It is otherwise prime real estate in Boston, but somehow BU was able to snag a few brownstones for its students. A sailboat would float past my bedroom window, and you could bet David Gray’s “This Year’s Love” or OAR was playing in the background.

Last night, I ended up having a mini-dance party for one while I reminisced.  Thanks to Love Actually and Hugh Grant’s sweet dance moves, “Jump” by The Pointer Sisters was an A-team fav. Try dancing for the entire song and when they say ‘jump’…jump. Best. Workout. Ever. It’ll make ya sweat. Trust.


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