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Esq. : I can officially sign anything and everything I want with these fancy initials at the end of my name. It only took endless hours of studying and lots of dolla, dolla bills, y’all.  But, we will not discuss the red ink attached to said dolla, dolla bills, as this is a happy moment. We’ll save the loan repayment blog entry for a later date. Anywho, back to the topic at hand… Yay! I passed the Bar!

The day before was anxiety filled. No tears. Just nervous Nelly pacing around the house, twiddling my thumbs, going over my “Well that was just Attempt no. 1 of 257. I’ll get ’em next time” speech. It was after phone call no. 15 to Johnnie Mae that I decided it would be better to let someone else check the Bar results and lay down the heavy hammer.  Lawd, knows my patience teeters on nonexistent in times of stress, and the idea of having to wait as I and thousands of others (no joke) tried to download the list off the Supreme Court’s web site, would likely send me over the edge before I could even see the results.

Checking the Bar results myself? S’aint happenin’. What was happenin’ was a Thursday evening with a large glass of wine, a movie, and an Advil PM. I figure it was better to sleep through any bad news and be pleasantly surprised by any good news by way of phone calls and text messages whilst I sleep. Such was the case Friday morning…the latter pleasantly surprised part. Clearly.

Naturally, I was excited. But LeVar Burton (see: Reading Rainbow) taught me a long time ago, I can’t just take someone else’s word for it. This skeptic needed to see the list with her own eyes. I went downtown to the La. Supreme Court to see the official ‘legit’ list. If I was going to be legit, my name would be on that list. I am happy to report, it was. The first page no less. Perk of having a last name beginning with an “A”. To commemorate the moment, a photo shoot was entirely necessary. Please enjoy.


my name on the legit list

So happy!

Too Legit to Quit


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