Awkward Silence

April 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

2012..Back at it.

It’s definitely been a minute or two since our last chat. I apologize. Life got busy, work got in the way, and I took a vacation or two.

My hiatus has felt a lot like an awkward elevator ride I had last year (when you and I were not talking). I left a matinee showing of Sarah’s Key and piled on to the elevator with a group of strangers. The group included a young girl about eleven years old with her mother. As we waited for the elevator to arrive everyone looked friendly, the type of people you may comment about the weather with for a couple of floors before getting off at your stop with a cordial “have a nice day.” 

Usually it takes one brave soul to get the elevator talk rolling. We had no takers. It wasn’t long before the awkward silence settled in as we began our descent. The typical elevator decorum ensued. Twiddling thumbs. Darting glances. Eyes fixating on the ceiling tiles. And a silent group prayer that the elevator doors would open soon so the agony of being in a confined space with strangers would stop.

The young girl seemed quiet, taking her cues from her mother and the rest of the elevator community.  As we moved between floors, the silence reached a deafening white noise. The young girl, with perfect comedic timing, turned to face the rest of us on the elevator. Rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet, as if it would help conjure up a conversation from the elevator floor she asked everyone, “So, how’s it going?”

The silence was quickly replaced with a burst of laughter and relief. She seemed to clue in on the awkwardness of the silence, but said the hell with it. Although, much to her mother’s dismay who tried to reprimand her daughter with a nudge.

Her daughter may have broken the elevator code of conduct, but what’s sillier? Pretending that the ceiling tiles are truly that interesting? Or, cutting to the chase and asking folks what’s up?

These posts may come in random non-sensical spurts (akin to the above story), but when it does hopefully its entertaining. With that said, I’m taking my cue from that little girl.’s it going?


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