Jazz Fest in a Photo Nutshell

May 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Jazz Fest 2012

MG and I at Tom Petty

Sidebar: Every year at Jazz Fest I pick up a JF bandana. They always have such rad bandana designs.  When the sun is blazing down on the Fairgrounds these babies are useful for nearly everything. Sweat rag. Ice holder. Bikini top. Hankie. I should write a book about their many uses. NOLA folks are an ingenuitive breed. Myself? I rock it on my panama hat. I plan to collect one each year and frame them to add to a blank wall in my humble abode. After its been put to use at the Fest, of course.

circa JF 2011…panama and bandana. check.

JF Weekend Deux with MG at Big Sam’s Funky Nation

New Birth Brass Band

If you didn’t make it to Fest this year or are just even the slightest bit curious what it is that would make us want to spend two full weekends out in the baking sun, please watch this: Jazz Fest 2012 


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