Geek Chic

May 25, 2012 § 3 Comments

Oh yes. Yes, I did. In fifth grade I was a regular Books McGee. The summer before fifth grade, mom and dad made me get my eyes checked. When it turned out I needed glasses, I was pumped! A little side story: My sister tried to cheat during her eye exam, but the doctor caught on quick. No glasses for you! 

Round-rimmed tortoise shell really seemed the only way to go. So, despite what my fellow fifth grade classmates thought, I rocked those bad boys all year long, but mostly because I had to. To this day, I am blind as a bat. Due to my unfortunate eyesight, I need thick frames to carry my coke bottle lenses. Even with the fancy lenses, they can only make them so thin…and so cheap.

I love many of the great designer frames out there. I really love Warby Parker frames. $95 for a sweet set of rims seems great in theory until you have to pop in $300 lenses. My solution? Walmart! I found these $9 frames and couldn’t be happier. If I have to throw down big change just for lenses, I don’t have the heart or wallet just yet to be doing the same for frames. These $9 frames are serving their purpose and provide just enough style points that I feel confident embracing my “geek.”

And if I’m not mistaken “Geek Chic” is a style movement that many a celeb are embracing. Should you need more proof, see generally Exhibit A below. 


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§ 3 Responses to Geek Chic

  • Dad says:

    Your still my precious little girl! Dad

  • Lorraine says:

    I LOVE IT! You were so cute. I also got my eyes tested in fifth grade.When I found out I needed glasses I went home and cried for days. It took two weeks for my glasses to be made. I was hoping everyone forgot. When I got them, I clearly remember looking into the mirror at the optician’s as the big tears rolled down my face. I spent most of fifth grade squinting at the board with my glasses safely hidden deep in the back of my desk. I didn’t accept wearing them – on a regular basis until four years ago (age 56) and even now – only wear them when driving. See? Bet you didn’t know I wore glasses……. : )

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