Roughin’ It–Yosemite

October 5, 2012 § 1 Comment

“What’s this a pajama party? Is this what you call roughing it?…One bathroom for 9 people, yes.” Oh, Phyllis. What a troop-er (sorry, it was right there). Troop Beverly Hills is such a classic cinematic masterpiece.

Troop 350 was our troop number from second grade until the time I graduated high school. You read that right. High school, kids. High school. Mom would not let me quit. The same was true for two of my other friends. A consequence of our mothers being the troop leaders I guess. When the other girls said deuces, the three of us were camping on Cumberland Island, earning badges for learning how to surf, and selling girl scout cookies.

Mom, much like the beloved Phyllis Nefler, has a flair for the unnecessary, however, stylish. One year at Camp Timber Ridge Mom had Harry’s Farmers Market (equivalent of Whole Foods) cater our dinner. And to be completely over the top, Mom pulled from the back of the family Suburban, China, sterling silver, and white linens. She received a few side-eye glances from the other troop moms, but Phyllis would have been proud.

The take away? I can build a fire, find a creative way to stay stylish, and not complain when it comes to roughing it.

Yosemite was not quite Troop Beverly Hills or Troop 350 for that matter, but it was MG’s first time “roughin’ it.” Can you imagine having to sleep in a platform tent? I mean, the horror…I’m breaking him in slowly. He’s not ready for the Appalachian Trail just yet. I will save that girl scout story for another day.

For now, I would like to thank the powers that be for helping us avoid contracting the hantavirus. We stayed at Curry Village during the time that that bad boy was going down. I’m sure it helped we didn’t shower for 2.5 half days. The showers were gross. Building up those antibodies, you know.

View of Half Dome from Glacier Point

Half Dome reflection

NOLA represent

Valley floor in Yosemite

Curry Village lit at night

Taking a breather in Mariposa Grove

Top of Wawona Point. A 4.5 hour hike

Prepping for sunset over Half Dome from Glacier Point


Traveler’s Tip: Bring some wine or drink of choice to the top of Glacier Point to watch the sunset. We grabbed some yummy deli sandwiches and a six-pack. Perfect place to have dinner and enjoy the sunset after a full day of hiking.

Group Shot!

Strenuous 4th of July hike…5.5 hours of work and wobbly legs made to look easy!


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