Kick your feet up

October 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

After an excruciatingly long day in the courtroom, I get so antsy to be home. I’m barely through the front door when I rip my blazer off and chuck my heels across the floor. The further I can kick them the better. Out of sight, out of mind.

On the 4th of July and feeling confident in our hiking skills, we took on a 5.5 hour challenge. 30 minutes into our hike, MG turned to me, “You wanna go back? Let’s just go back.” Finding my breath, “I don’t like to half ass things. We are almost there. We’ll kick our feet up in Napa.” So we weren’t almost there. We had some five hours to go, but the views were worth it.

“Napa, next?” It was all MG had to say and my hiking boots went flying across the hotel room. Deuces Yosemite. It’s been real. It’s crazy days in court when I silently take a head trip to Napa Valley. Won’t you join me?

He’s so 1%

William Hill Estate

How fun is this? A few glasses in, we walked around Raymond Vineyards and found this art installation. Loved taking photos here.


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