Simply put: NOLA Dressed is about a love for style and all the pleasures New Orleans has to offer.

For those who like to read: I hold a special place in my heart for a really good po’ boy (dressed of course) as I do for a great pair of shoes or a statement necklace.  NOLA Dressed is about my appreciation for the hidden treasures and great finds throughout the city. Whether it is a mouth-watering treat (sno-ball or beignet anyone?) or a “good lawd I cant stand it, I have to have it” blouse, necklace, or dress while out shopping, I hope to catalog it here.

The biggest thrill is the exploration and discovery.  Growing up, Johnnie Mae (read: mom) would buy matching dresses for my sisters and I. After passersby mentioned my sisters and I looked like stair steps–one sister just a little shorter than the other, they always asked my mom, “where did you get such cute dresses for your girls?” The answer always different. TJ Maxx, Limited Too (oh yeah, remember that store?), Strausburg Children, Parisians (before Belk bought it out), even Walmart. Mom taught us girls, its not where the clothes come from or how much they cost, its how you wear it.

I learned the discovery is the best part, and hopefully with each piece that is added to my forever evolving wardrobe there’s a story to share with you. –M

Gratuitous photo of Joey just because he's cute


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  • seb says:

    yes yes yes yes! so glad we’ve creepily reconnected in the blogosphere! you are still incredibly charming, fashionable and witty – love it! miss your face girl, hope we can do this in real life sometime soon – boston reunion? yes please.

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